Monday, 29 October 2012

A visit to Italy....

Wow!  Another busy month here and it has just flown by. I am getting very excited though as it means another month closer to Christmas. When the leaves start changing colour here in the UK I always feel a kind of giddy excitement. I love Autumn and the lead up to Christmas. (but we won't go there just yet)

We were in Italy this month to try and find that last bit of summer and sun before the long winter starts.  We had nice weather. Not too hot and not cold at all.

When we got to Naples we travelled down the beautiful Amalfi Coast.  We also took a boat ride when we reached Amalfi to see the coast from a different angle. Just amazing.

We then travelled to Pompeii to visit the ancient city.

We hiked up to Mount Vesuvius which is still an active volcano. We were able to look right down into the crater. Then it was off to Sorrento for some shopping, pizza and ice cream! 

We also visited Montecassino and the British War memorial, dedicated to the soldiers who died there during the war.

We travelled further up North to Tuscany where we visited Assisi, St Mary of the Angels and Lake Trasimeno

I was really looking forward to visit Rome and so glad we finally made it there.

We ended our stay in Italy by travelling to Florence. I finally got to see the real "David" as sculpted by Michelangelo.

We had a great trip and met some lovely people on our travels.

Now it is planning for the new season and I am smiling from ear to ear with excitement!!

Thank you for stopping by today!
Cindy x 

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  1. This looks amazing, I'm so jealous. I'd love to go to Rome. your photos are brilliant! x