Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sketch for Inspiration - I treasure you

Hi Lovelies, 

Yesterday I worked on a page that lives in my "About me" album.
I am so far behind in almost all my albums.  I am talking years in some of them. I used to get so overwhelmed by this until I heard Shimelle talked about her album philosophy and that she hardly ever considers her albums complete. This gave me such a relief and my hobby feels fun again.

I lacked a bit of inspiration and the best way for me to deal with this is to use a sketch.  Today I used a sketch from Shimelle.

I have a lot of old collections and I am really trying to just use them up at the moment (it will take me a lifetime I think) 

Products I have used:
Paper: Open Book by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper.
Buttons:  from a White Stuff clothing tag.
Paper Punch: EK success
Die cuts: Craft Market by Crate Paper(I only ended up using a small tag with gold glitter and the word February)
Gold Thread: DMC precious metal effects in E677 
Gold puffy letters: Dear Lizzy
Unfortunately I cannot remember where the Gold / iridescent butterflies are form. I have a tendency to take things out of the packaging when I store them)

Have a lovely Sunday!


Friday, 5 August 2016

Our Friday - an ordinary special day.

Morning Lovelies, 

Going back to work after maternity leave, I promised myself that Fridays will be our day. A day for the two of us to enjoy and spend quality time together. Shopping, going to the park, and just playing will be on our agenda.

Even though for the most part I think I have managed to make this work I have noticed that our special mother and daughter day has slowly became more about desperately trying to catch up on housework, running errands and even me working a couple of hours from home. I am trying to bring this back to only our day. Even making a list of things I want to do with her that day and working out a rough timetable so I get those precious moments with her. Not feeling guilty about falling behind on anything else. I am also saying a "rough schedule" as we all know some flexibility is required to not make things stressful. 

For the most part, it is working. I have taken back our day. Just the two of us. Just playing. Making memories. 
Sometimes life is about balance and compromises, but a small thing like writing down what your expectation is and what you want from your life can be a huge help. It gives you direction and act as a guide to achieve the things you want. Even if it is something as small as getting the most from one very special day with your child.

Thank you for stopping today.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Review - Imperial Candles

Hi My Lovelies, 

I have a slight obsession with candles. There is something about the warm glow in a room that makes everything calm and relaxing.  Since being a busy working mummy "me time" has taken on a whole new meaning.  I love treating myself with a candle on those rare occasions I get to have a lazy bath on a Friday evening.When this glow is accompanied by a beautiful scent and a very unique twist then even better!

Which brings me to the company Imperial Candles. I have known about them for some time, but only recently treated myself with their products and I am hooked! Not only are these 100% home made (right here in the UK) scented soy wax candles, it comes with a stunning piece of jewelry hidden inside worth from between £10 - £2000.  Yes my friends, it really is true!

There is also a Bath Bomb collection with the same unique twist! 

I love these products so much that I have become a representative for Imperial Candles.  

If you would like to try your own unique Bath Bomb or Candle please visit my website here.  These also makes beautiful gifts as you basically get two presents for the price of one! If you do decide to treat yourself, please share your jewel below in the comments!  I would love to see what you get.

Please keep posted as I will have discount codes, offers and even a giveaway coming up especially leading into Halloween and Christmas!

Happy relaxing friends!


Returning to Blogging

I know I have been away for a very long time. So much has happened.  The biggest of which is the addition of our beautiful daughter Emma who is now nearly two! Having a full time job and being a mummy who wants to be totally involved in a growing toddlers life is very hard, but I am determined to start this Blog again and take you on my journey of balancing work, life and the everyday stuff!

Love Cindy

Saturday, 12 January 2013

2012 - A year in Review.....

Hello lovelies,

I know that this post is probably a few days (or more) late as 2013 is already 12 days old! 
2012 was not a good year for me. I felt very disappointed and negative when I looked back on it.

I thought about losing my job.  A job that I loved. Turning 30 in that same week! Discovering a tumour on my thyroid and having endless hospital appointments with the possibility of another on my pituitary gland. Being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and yet another year with no positive results struggling with infertility.

I am blessed with an amazing husband though with such a great outlook on life and he reminded me of all the lovely things that happened during 2012.  I felt embarrassed at  the way I looked at things. He reminded me that 2012 was the year we brought home our little puppy who bring us lots of laughter (and sometime "tears" as he has chewed quite a few favourite heels and crafting supplies), but mostly laughter, wet kisses and warm fluffy cuddles. It was the year I received my British passport and we finally got to experience Rome and travel through Italy.  Something we have wanted to do for a very long time. My mum came to visit and I got to spent some quality time with her.

I am also blessed with precious parents who taught me the power of prayer and about an Almighty God with endless love for His children. Without their prayers (and I know there were others as well, thank you) I am not sure how things would have turned out, but the lump on my thyroid was benign and there was no tumour on my pituitary gland. 

Although anxiety and panic attacks are horrible things to suffer with I now at least know what I am dealing with and can start learning to not let it rule my life and dictate how I live.

I then went to my computer and looked through all my photos of last year and picked out a few that made me smile and wanted to share them with you! I hope you are also able to look back on your year and find some things to smile about and memories to treasure.

Started off the year in South Africa!
My big brother getting married and me gaining a little sister
 Snow in February...
 never too old for snow Angels... :)

Business meetings..
 bringing home our boy...
 spending time with these two (above and below)

Training for our Charity Challenge....
 Coffee dates with Matt in London....
 getting a few unexpected wet-nose-kisses from this cutie pie....
 Raising more money for Charity....
 Remember you never too old to be silly....
 Turned 30 and had a great time...

 Love this little bug....
 Spending a perfect day with my two boys...

 Getting spoilt on my Birthday....
 Remembered to lay on my back and look up at the sky (like when you were a kid)
 Had a great time on a craft retreat!
 More Training for the big Charity Challenge...
 The actual Charity Challenge!!

 There were lots of laughter during this gruelling challenge believe it or not...

I had long hair...
 Then I cut it and looked like this....
 The Queen had her Diamond Jubilee...
 just so in love with my pup....
 and of course this handsome fellow!
Enjoying the summer..
 Matt enjoying old cars and busses...

 still not content.. I cut my hair again...
 Oh!  Hello again!

 Louie got his first haircut..

 and again...I like this..for now ;)
 Meeting a new friend...
 catching up with an old friend...
 Enjoying a day out with mum...

 Ally Pally with mum!
 Ready for an adventure? Yes I am!
 Mount Vesuvius
 Monte Cassino

 Ice Cream in Florence favourite time of year!
 Christmas...another favourite
 oh, well what do you know this cutie pie just keeps popping up!

Here is to a fantastic 2013.  It will be what you make of it.  Take all the chances and opportunities that come your way.  Say yes to those things that scare or intimidate you.  Believe in miracles and take care of those around you.

 Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Have a great day!
Love, Cindy x