Friday, 5 August 2016

Our Friday - an ordinary special day.

Morning Lovelies, 

Going back to work after maternity leave, I promised myself that Fridays will be our day. A day for the two of us to enjoy and spend quality time together. Shopping, going to the park, and just playing will be on our agenda.

Even though for the most part I think I have managed to make this work I have noticed that our special mother and daughter day has slowly became more about desperately trying to catch up on housework, running errands and even me working a couple of hours from home. I am trying to bring this back to only our day. Even making a list of things I want to do with her that day and working out a rough timetable so I get those precious moments with her. Not feeling guilty about falling behind on anything else. I am also saying a "rough schedule" as we all know some flexibility is required to not make things stressful. 

For the most part, it is working. I have taken back our day. Just the two of us. Just playing. Making memories. 
Sometimes life is about balance and compromises, but a small thing like writing down what your expectation is and what you want from your life can be a huge help. It gives you direction and act as a guide to achieve the things you want. Even if it is something as small as getting the most from one very special day with your child.

Thank you for stopping today.

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