Wednesday, 8 August 2012


What a week and few days it has been.  I have been absolutely glued to our telly making sure I do not miss any of the Olympic Games! I have been crying, laughing and cheering for most of the time.  Due to having dual citizenship with Britain and South Africa I have two countries to cheer on. No shortish of events there!

I have been busy crafting in between though so not a complete couch potato yet!
Since first hearing about smash books I just loved them. I bought several books (yes several, as it is very hard to choose just the one, believe me). 
 Notebooks are a big weakness of mine and probably the reason why these books interest me at first. I have been looking at them and paging through them, but not really got as far as smashing until this week.
I have been admiring the smashbooks of the lovely Jennifer Evans for ages and found my inspiration to make a start from her books.  I love how full and vibrant they are.  Once you start it gets very addictive though!
I am forever cutting out pictures from magazines and collecting little nothings that is too pretty to throw away.  Next to our sofa you will very often find a small stack of cuttings of things I like, things I would like to do in the house or things I would like to buy.
I think the smashbook and I are going to become very good friends....

Thanks for stopping by today!
Cindy x

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